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Mental Fatigue Can Affect Doctor’s Performance

There is such a thing as doctor depression and physician mental fatigue. And they can increase medical errors. They are two of the reasons many doctors in Los Angeles call for the help of Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyer.

Recently, a study showed that medical depression and burnout are directly related to medical errors. The American health care system is plagued with fatalities because of medical errors that can be easily prevented.

It is true that there are various efforts to resolve doctor mental health. However, not all efforts worked.

In a recent study, researchers found that over 10% of physicians were making a severe medical error. The study also showed that burn out is one of the reasons doctors were likely to make an error. Then, 38% of doctors who are fatigued are more likely to make a mistake.

Doctors who are assisted in the emergency department are highly likely to experience burn out or suffer from mental fatigue. But radiologists and neurosurgeons are also prone to this sickness. The higher the burnout level is, the higher the number of errors.

If the physicians make mistakes, they are likely to experience depression. And depression can cause them to make more mistakes.

Because of that, it is vital for these doctors to make some efforts in decreasing their mental fatigue and burnout levels. In that way, they can prevent making errors that can cause fatalities.

Communication and Engagement

Apart from mental fatigue and depression, studies also showed that if there is an improved staff engagement and communication, it could result in improved safety. It also reduces medical malpractice cases.

When the staff feels more positive about their workplace, their performance at work is better. As a result, they offer better patient care, leading to a lower case of medical malpractice.

Contact an Experienced LA Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you are looking for a malpractice lawyer in Los Angeles, you would want to hire an attorney who will protect your rights and guarantee you will win the case.

You just do not want your attorney to be an expert negotiator. But you also want the lawyer to defend you in court. In that way, you get the justice you deserve.

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