Wrongful Termination – How Our Attorney Can Help?

Wrongful termination can affect your life negatively. You can seek damages for lost benefits and wages. Our wrongful termination attorney can handle any type of wrongful termination cases.

Most wrongful termination cases end up in settlements. However, your employer may choose not to settle. Instead, he wants to go to trial. If that is your case, you must work with a wrongful termination lawyer.

When Employers’ Buy Cooperation

Employers may offer a severance package when they need to terminate their employees. It is their attempt to stop them from talking about an unfair practice.

If you were terminated for an illegal cause, you must work with an attorney first before you even sign and agree on any severance package. You may think that it is a nice payout. However, signing or accepting a severance document could stop you from obtaining what you truly deserve down the road.

Contact Jance Weberman

Jance M. Weberman is a well-versed wrong termination attorney in LA. He is willing to take steps to ensure that you obtain the justice that you deserve. Call our office today and find out how our Atty. Jance Weberman can assist you.

When you work with us, you can be sure that you will not lose any right to file a claim.

What the Wrongful Termination Attorney Can Offer?

If you were terminated from your job for some reason, it could be tough to know the real reason behind it without first understanding the law.

But the wrongful termination lawyer will help you out. Atty. Jance Weberman can give a free consultation if you meet their criteria. During the consultation, he can discuss whether or not you have the right to file a claim.

He will provide insights that are vital in gathering evidence for your case.

At Jance Weberman law office, the legal team here aims to protect the rights of every employee in LA. The attorneys here only accept a few cases. In that way, they can provide proper time and focus on each client’s case.

What of the Fees?

Fees will depend on your case. We can only discuss any charges after the initial consultation. You must not worry about the fees. Instead, focus your energy on how to ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

Contact Jance Weberman law office today for more details on how to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Please call us at (213) 386-9100.

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